6 Months Blogaversary- What I learnt until now

6 Months Blogaversary- What I learnt until now

Top: Loft (last summer purchase), Exactly similar this one and love this peplum! || Shorts: Topshop Mom Shorts || Sandals: Nordstrom (sold out), similar ones in Yellow here and here! || Bag: Rebecca Minkoff|| Watch: Bulova || Earrings: Baublebar- Nordstrom || Sunglasses: Zara (sold out 🙁 ), similar Raybans!

Hi y’all!! How is your week going so far?! I am really excited about this post because my blog hits 6 months this week! OH MY GOD, what?! I know!! 🙂

I still remember the moment when I hit publish on my first blog post. I had been thinking about starting my blog for the longest time and I had all the right reasons to start one, but I was not sure if it was something for me. Fast forward to now and this week is my blog’s 6 months’ anniversary.

This blog is like my baby and I have learnt so much in these months. There are days when I don’t feel motivated and feel like it’s not working, but what is important is to always remember why you started it in the first place. Currently I feel much better and happy with my blog work-flow and want to think that I have my process down. I want to share what I have learnt in the past months with you guys. And i would love to know what you guys have learnt in your journey! 🙂

1. Do it already

If you have been thinking about starting a blog, doesn’t matter if it’s fashion or lifestyle or food or photography; I have one advice for you- DO IT ALREADY! Seriously, do not overthink it. It will be much better if you start it today rather than a year later. You might be thinking that you don’t know everything and if you delay it for a few months, you might just learn all that you need to start your blog. I would tell you to throw that thinking out the park and take the leap!

2. It’s overwhelming, but you’ll love the community

Oh yeah, it is VERY overwhelming once you start doing it. You will come across a lot of people who are trying to do and are doing really well in the same field that you have JUST STARTED. But what you always need to keep in mind is the reason you started your blog. It is easy to get lost in the race and try to mix in with what everyone is doing. But being authentic to yourself and thus to your followers and friends and to yourself is very important because that is what is unique about your blog. DO NOT LOSE IT!

3. You’ll spent a lot more time on social media than you want

I remember there was a time when I LOVED going on social media just to catch up with what everyone is posting and what they’re up to. NOT ANYMORE! And that is because a lot of time is spent on social media promoting your blog and posts and Instagram and replying to emails. What I do is I take social day-offs, do not go on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. Rather I talk to my husband, watch TV, cook something nice.

4. Good pictures

I cannot stress this enough. Since internet and social media is a big part of blogging and it is all very visual, good quality pictures re an absolute must. That doesn’t mean that you HAVE to buy the most expensive camera gear. Instead, work on your photography skills and learn Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Trust me, these go a long way. And you do not need to know it all before you start your blog. I remember when I posted my first blog post, my editing skills were nowhere better. But, I put in time after work and tried to learn them. And you can see here in my first blog post and now as to how much it has gotten better!  

5. Don’t worry about the numbers

Doing something where a lot of people are already in the business, it is possible that you start comparing yourself to the others. But remember your purpose; talk to your trusted friends. I always talk to my husband who, let me tell you, is very patient and listens to everything I have to say and rant about and calms me down. Because numbers are just that- numbers. Sure, it feels nice to see if it is increasing, but having good engagement and reach is far more important.

6. Be consistent

And I believe that this applies to everything you want to do in your life. I learnt a phrase when I was in MBA- “out of sight, out of mind”. I think that is very true here as well. You cannot post whenever you want and expect people to remember you. I mean, you absolutely can do that, but if blogging is something you are really serious about, you have to be consistent with producing and pushing out your content.

7. It’s a lot of work

You might have understood by now- it’s not as easy as it seems. A LOT OF WORK goes into one blog post. Taking good pictures, editing, writing blog posts, linking everything correctly, engaging with people on social media. And then do all of this, all over again! But when you see your hard work pay off, you’ll realize it is all worth it!  

How long have you been blogging for? What else do you think is important to keep in mind when starting a blog? Let me know in the comments below!


  • Vyom Kapoor

    Love this post Swati and congratulations girl for completing 6 months in blogging. So beautifully you carved the words that we (most of the bloggers) feel when we just start blogging and for me personally this has been one of the best decisions ever. Like you said. “Just do it”


    • Thanks so much Vyom! I completely agree with you and yes, blogging has been such a good outlet for me and has encouraged me to learn so much more 🙂