Our 3-Year Anniversary!

Our 3-Year Anniversary!

This February, my husband and I celebrated our 3-year anniversary. 3 Freaking years! I know, I know, it is not that long of a time, but I cannot believe how fast the last 3 years went by. It feels like we just got married last week!

To celebrate our anniversary, we went to an Asian Restaurant, Buddakan, that is in Downtown Philadelphia. And let me tell you this, the food there is awesome! And the drinks, even better! We had Pad Thai, Lo Mein, Dim Sums and then some.

Since this was a special occasion, I earlier thought to wear a beautiful pink dress that I haven’t had a chance to wear yet. But then, the chilly weather got to me (and I feel extra cold always!) and I decided to go with a chiffon printed shirt with jeans and black heeled booties. Did some makeup, curled my hair and we were off to our dinner!

Have a great week ahead!


  • Rittika

    Way to go girl…btw I celebrated my 6th anniversary this week.. :p

    • swati4pravin@gmail.com

      Thank you! And WOW, isn’t it amazing how time flies!!
      Belated best wishes on your anniversary! 🙂