Hello and welcome to my little world on internet!

I am a 28-year old full time social media professional with a major interest in beauty, fashion and food. I grew up in India and moved to US in 2014 after I got married. I am based out of Philadelphia, living with my husband. 

I am a big coffee and wine lover and consider them my lifelines! I also enjoy italian, chinese and indian food and can have sushi any time of the day.

I started this blog to hang out with all of you guys out there who share the same interest in fashion, clothes, shopping and beauty as I do. First of all, trust me when I say this- I was a big dork in high school and all throughout college. I had big round glasses (that I thought were cool) and big, fluffy hair. I had no idea how to use makeup or do my hair. But since then I have changed a lot, A LOT!! Someday, I will show you guys my old pictures and you can judge for yourself! 🙂

Here you will find my personal favorite clothing items that are fun, affordable and trendy, my baking experiments (which my husband is a great fan of) and some Indian food (that I believe, I cook really good!). I hope you will enjoy your time here and feel free to give me suggestions and help me in growing this community.

Thank you!

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