Sephora VIB Sale- Recommendations and What I got

Sephora VIB Sale- Recommendations and What I got



Happy Friday y’all, straight from my couch! 🙂 My company has off in North America today for Veteran’s day so I am just enjoying an extra day off, since it is getting REAL COLD here in Philly. Not as cold as in Chicago, where it’s already snowing, but it’s in 20s, so it’s cold. And what is the best way to have a cozy day in- hot coffee, face mask and some music 🙂 Oh and shopping online sales! 😀

Sephora has their VIB sale going on right now and I thought I would show you guys what I got last week when they had the event for Rouge members (guilty as charged!). And you would see a few masks here and there, since I am trying to be more regular in my skincare. Let’s hop on to what I got and maybe you would get some ideas on what to get for yourself or as a gift for the holidays! 🙂


I got a few masks, one that I really like- Glamglow Supermud. I feels like it just overall cleanses my skin and pull the impurities out, which I really like especially after I have had a heavy week. And I thought that with this gift pack, I get these samples which I can use sometime, although I am not really a fan of their Youthmud and I don’t know how I feel about their Gravitymud. BUT I love Supermud!

Another mask that I recently fell in love with is from Drunk Elephant. It is their TLC Sukari Babyfacial. I first got this in a small travel size and loved it in first use. I had a few small pimples and a bigger one on my cheek (yeah!) and after I used it in the night, the next morning that cheek pimple was VERY small! Like, the redness had gone down and it wasn’t as big as the night before. It does ingle a little when you put it on, so that is something to consider if you don’t like tingling masks. I personally feel like it’s working when it tingles, so I don’t really mind that.

I was also looking for a new moisturizer and after looking at a few, I got the Kate Somerville Glow moisturizer as my day moisturizer. It has a gel like formula that is very light on the skin, so there is no issue with applying makeup after. I have been using it for a week and liking it so far. I haven’t had any reactions or acne from this, which is very important for me!

Now, almost everyone who watches YouTube knows about Farsali oils, right! I wasn’t sure (still am not) how they are beneficial to my skin, so I decided to try these travel sized unicorn and gold infused oil. I sometimes use the gold infused oil at night and the unicorn oil as primer. I will keep you guys posted on how I like these and if they do anything to my skin or my makeup! 🙂

And here comes another mask 😀 I am a face mask junkie, what can I say! Sunday Riley came with these acne specific skincare products which included a sulfur mask and I have read and heard that sulfur based products help in reducing acne, so- had to get this! It is marketed as either an all-over mask or a spot treatment. I haven’t had much time to put this to use and see how it is or if it does what it says, but I would update this post as I try this more and let you guys know my thoughts on this 🙂

I also got this hand cream from L’Occitane as the hand cream that I was using currently from Caudalie is almost over and I have been really enjoying its foot cream. By the way, this smells delicious!! 😀


First up, I got Fenty Beauty Foundation, WHOOP! I was stalking Sephora online since the foundation launched, but my shade was always sold out. But since I was already in the store, I knew I was going to get this! I am in shade 360, which might look a little red in swatches, but matches me perfectly! I have worn this twice in the past week and I would say I like it. I haven’t work it for long hours so I cannot comment on that, but I like the finish and how it looks. It is kind of matte, but not really. And I set it with my laura mercier, which I always do!

I have been hearing very good things about this Nars concealer and how good it is for covering those blemishes and spots. Although I am a huge believer in Tarte Shape tape, I thought to give this a try and you know what, I actually LOVE it! I am in the shade Caramel and it covers all my acne blemishes and spots and if I wouldn’t tell, you won’t know that I had a concealer on- it matches me SO WELL!!

Anastasia Beverly Hills has a few blush pallets this season and since I love its eyeshadow palettes so much, I thought to give them a try. So Pigmented! And such pretty colors! I got the peach shade in their blush collection and it goes so well with my skin tone and also because I LOVE anything warm-toned!

You would also notice a few lip colors and if you know me, you know that I love buying lipsticks! I love lipsticks SO SO MUCH! So, I got the YSL lip stain in bright red, which is pretty and leaves a nice stain even after it fades out, whichis pretty good if you don’t want to touch up.

Another lipstick set that I bought are these lip cremes from Burberry. I don’t think they’re matte because when I swatched them, they didn’t dry. So, I am assuming that these are no-shine lip cremes which VERY HIGH PIGMENT. I love the lip shades although I know that I would probably not be using thenude shade much since that is very light. But the other 3 are totally holiday appropriate and I cannot wait to wear these! 🙂


Okay, this Marc Jacobs set was wholly purchased because of the cute burgundy pouch that it comes in. It has a big zipper and the color is just perfect! But, I really liked the fine point liner that it comes with and I am excited to try the noir mascara since I have heard some good things about that as well.

I also got another Lancome powder foundation which I always keep with me for on-the-go touchups. I already have one of that in my work bag and this would be on my vanity or my going-out bags, so that I don’t forget it.


Last item that I would like to mention is this Tom Ford perfume and how expensive it is. I mean, OH MY GOD! This small bottle retails for $145, and that is why I got this so that I would get some discout on it. I got this in Costa Azzura and it smells HEAVENLY! Every time I have worn it, people tell me I smell good 🙂 And who doesn’t like that, right?! This has quickly taken an equal spot as my Chanel No5 and I am trying not to use it every day since it is such a small size!

I also got this Bleu de Chanel for my husband. Trust me, it smells so good that you would want to snuggle with them ALL THE TIME!! If you are thinking about gifting your guy something, I would totally recommend you to keep this in your list. So worth it!

So, what are you guys planning on getting from the Sephora Sale? OR is there something that I should give a try? Let me know 🙂


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