Simple Summer Everyday Makeup

Simple Summer Everyday Makeup

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Happy Weekend ya’ll! Writing this post from my bed, with a coffee on my side and stuffy nose. I hate when I get sick because of this weather change and start feeling lazy and feverish. Hampers my weekend plans, not that I had any! 😀 But I still like putting on a little bit of makeup and feel put together. And also, because lately, I have been getting a lot faster at my makeup and DO NOT take an hour to just to foundation and concealer, as I used to before!

Although I still use 2 types of concealers just because I have so many acne pigmentation, but I make up for that time by using minimum products after.

I put on my sunscreen and moisturizer right after I wash my face and let them sink in while I clean my beauty blender. Then I spray on the Smashbox Primer water– not sure if it helps, but I like to think that it makes my face a little more hydrated since I have a weird skin type, very oil in some places and dry in other. You can imagine how difficult it can be to find something that works on both the skin types!


I move onto the Tarte Shape Tape concealer first to cover up the blemishes and pigmentation- really nice coverage! And then for foundation, I actually use a tinted moisturizer from Nars and it is just so much better to use these in summer since they are very lightweight. After that I take my Nars creamy concealer and highlight my undereye area, just a little bit and finish my base with the Laura Mercier translucent powder for where I apply the concealer and Lancome powder foundation for all over face.

To bring some dimension and add some color to my face, I rely on the Becca X Chrissy Teigen Palette– a godsend for my skin tone! Also, I don’t really mind the hint of shimmer in the bronzer since that doesn’t really show on the skin. I take a tiny bit of the blush in the palette since it is very pigmented!


I start with shaping my brows a little bit with the ABH Brow Definer & then set it with the clear brow gel. I have this process down and takes me literally 1 min to do! 🙂 Then I move onto the eyeshadows and on a daily basis, I like doing a matte eye look. FUNNY STORY, I actually bought this Tarte mini palette by mistake when I was trying to show my husband how I pay with my Apple Pay on my phone, and then forgot to return this! 😀 But, I think it is the perfect little palette when you have less time and don’t want to get overwhelmed wih all the colors. Plus, it has 2 really nice shimmer shades so perfect for creating different types of looks. But I like to take only one color, and put it all over my eyelid with a packing brush and then use a fluffy brush to blend it in my crease. This might not be very professional method (since I am not one, LOL), but it works for me. Since I have small eyes, I rarely don’t use eyeliners. My favorite is the Lancome Grandiose liner– very easy to use felt tip and matte. Also, I prefer the brown shade over black which can look a bit dramatic sometimes.

Next, I curl my lashes and coat them with my favorite mascara. Oh, and then a little bit of corner highlight from the Becca palette.


If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I am mostly wearing reds or oranges. That is because I don’t think lighter shades look that flattering on me. But when I do wear a lighter lipstick I prefer Rose Stiletto from YSL that I got for my graduation this year. Otherwise, some of my favorite reds/oranges are YSL Lipsticks in Orange Imagine with matte finish BUT SO COMFORTABLE , Nars Audacious in Mona and Nars lipstick in Red Lizard.

And we’re done!

What makeup products do you use every day and how do you simplify your routine?