How I Curl my Hair

How I Curl my Hair

Satin Kimono: Victoria’s Secret || Curling Iron: ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand || Hair Clips: Sephora blow dry hair clips || Styling Products Used: Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Primer; Ouai Texturizing Spray; Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil


4 days to go for Christmas and 3 days before I leave for Vegas!! Whoooo 😀 I have actually visited Vegas before in 2015, but I feel like this time it would be more fun since I have lived here for quite some time now. We’re going with 2 of our friends and will be celebrating Christmas there. But we’ll be back for New year’s 🙂

So, a few days back I asked in my insta stories if you guys wanted a tutorial on how I did my hair since so many of you commented about it. And with popular opinion, a lot of you guys did! So, that is what today’s post is going to be about.

So, after I wash my hair, I go in with some bumble and bumble invisible hair oil and some Moroccan hair oil, which really helps in detangling my hair and I let it air dry. Also, I wash my hair in the night time mostly, so I can have freshly washed hair in the morning when I need to style it.

  1. Before I go in with any hot tool, I prep my hair with the bumble and bumble hair primer. I spray it all over my hair and brush it out to spread it all over.

2. Then, I section my hair into 2 parts and clip the top part in with this Sephora hair clip. Then, I section the remaining hair into 2 parts on both sides and start with the curling process.

3. The tool that I mostly use is this ghd curve classic wave wand. It has got a very interesting shape which is not totally round, but is pressed all the way so it gives more like a wave curl instead of a ringlet curl, which makes it look a little more natural than usual.

4. As for what direction I curl my hair, I either switch it up with towards my face and away from my face or only away from my face. But with this curling iron, I prefer to do my hair away from my face just because it gives it a very nice clean look.

5. Once I am done with curling my whole head or hair, I go in with some texturizing spray. The one I am using right now is from Ouai and I really like it. It gives my hair a nice, undone texture along with giving it some hold.

6. And lastly, I apply some kind of oil to the ends of my hair to give my ends some hydration. Now fluff that hair a little and WE ARE DONE!

This is how every time I curl my hair, and it takes me literally 10 mins to get done. Pretty quick, right! 🙂

What do you guys prefer? Straight or curls? And what tools do you use to achieve your look? Let me know!