What I wore to my Graduation!

What I wore to my Graduation!

How good does it feel to get a validation of all your hard work?! This was one of those weeks for me as it was my graduation ceremony. I graduated with a Masters in Public communication this week Tuesday and trust me, it is one of the best feelings in the world. This would be my second masters and no, I am not doing any more courses. Not in the near future at least! 😀

Ever since my program ended in March, I have been waiting for 12th & 13th June. To meet my friends again, hang out and celebrate together was the part I was most looking forward to. It was such an amazing feeling that I got to experience with my family that I am blessed with.

Since the ceremony is always in June, I figured it would be very hot and rightly so, it was more than 95F outside on both the days. Keeping that in mind, I got 2 adorable white dresses (this one and this one, which is one sale RIGHT NOW!!) from Nordstrom. Since one of the ceremonies was in the evening, I couldn’t take many pictures that I am SO SAD about!!

But let’s talk about the one that I did take photos of. Such a cute shift dress with little prints on it. It has flutter sleeves which is VERY flattering and it being a shift dress, I could eat as much as I wanted. And trust me, I did eat a lot considering I hadn’t eaten anything since morning because of all the excitement! 😀

Knowing that I was going to be on my feet a lot, I went with these black block heels from target which were SO COMFORTABLE!! #TargetDoesitAgain! 😀 I love how simple and minimal they look on the feet, yet very elegant and chic. I OBVIOUSLY had to get my Alexander Wang Mini Rockie bag that my husband gifted me on my graduation, fitting for the occasion 🙂 And trust me, you do not have to downsize with this mini bag. I will be doing a review on this bag soon. But here’s a spoiler- I LOVE this bag and I believe is so worth the price! 😀


What was the highlight of your week? Let me know!