My Must Haves: Face Mask

My Must Haves: Face Mask

Would you believe me if I say that I used to have bajillions of acne scarring and pigmentation on my face and that even though I have oily/combination skin type, my face somehow used to get dry. It was then that I started introducing face masks twice per week to my skincare routine. I use cleansing, hydrating, exfoliating, all kinds of mask depending on how my skin is doing. Also, these are some of my times to just sit back and relax and listen to some good music.

Let’s go ahead with my picks now.

Origins Charcoal Mask:

We are going to start with the 1st mask that I bought and still buy and that is just because how useful it is. This origins clay mask is one of my favorites since it doesn’t take much time to dry but still does its work. This also helps in the removal of my blackheads and even though it is a clay ask, it does not dry out my skin.

Sephora Mud Mask:

I was just going through the face mask section on Sephora website when I came across this gem. It has got 4.6 star rating on Sephora website and a few people even say that it is comparable to the GlamGlow Supermud. I will get to that comparison later, but this is a very effective mask for when you have an active pimple. Considering that it has zinc and Sulphur in it, it a good detox mask. It also has a protective lid on it to prevent it from drying. It leaves my skin smoother than before without drying it out.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty:

Okay, first of all, isn’t this the most intriguing mask in terms of its color?! This is that mask I use when I want some good exfoliation. This is a very chunky mash with aduki beans and evening primrose seeds in it. I let it dry for about 20 mins and then wash it off with warm water. My skin feels so smooth and clean after! It smells of peppermint and also protects my skin from breakouts during that time of the month.

GlamGlow SuperMud:

This is on the top of my favorite masks list. Like how it changes color to show that it has dried. I use it as an all-over face mask as well as spot-treatment. As soon as I a pimple coming, I put it there for a few hours or overnight and it does not let it grow more, if not diminish it. Although, it can be a little drying and I put some good moisturizer or face oil after I wash it off. As far as its comparison with the Sephora mud mask goes, I would say it is comparable but not so much. I find this one more effective than the Sephora mask in terms of acne and scars.

Kate Somerville Exfolikate:


This is an honorary mention! It is not a mask but a physical exfoliator. BUT, I love this! They are not lying when they say- “Hollywood’s 2-minute Facial”. I always use it when I have a special occasion or an event and I need a quick pick-me-up. And it works wonders! The moisturizer and my makeup goes on very smoothly and looks so good!

Do you guys have a favorite mask or masks that I can use? Let me know in the comments!